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What We're Trying to Do

Project Properties whole deal is that we make funny videos about the buying, selling and renting of properties. It’s a really complicated issue and a lot of people don’t feel comfortable cracking into it with friends, co-workers, family, whatever. Property can also get kind of boring sometimes if you’re not careful. We think if people like you and me talked about it ten more than we do now, we’d have a great go at building a better market for all of us. We hope these videos will help that along.

Join our Discord Community

We started a Discord server to build a community to help each other around property. Here’s the link to the channel, feel free to join, poke around and leave messages and stuff. Suggest new channels, post articles whatever you want to do. 

Discord Project Property

Support Us On Patreon

We started a Patreon page in case you want to support the channel. Not to oversell it, but you will gain unlimited access to the stuff that wasn’t good enough to be free.

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